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You are not the only one whose home is unenclosed by fencing. In contrast to many other nations across the world, not having fencing around your home is more typical in the US. In the US, only around 50% of residences have fencing.

Yet, building wood fences around houses and other buildings is always a smart move. Wood fencing offers a plethora of advantages, from safeguarding your loved ones to keeping your yard healthy during stormy weather.

However, you need to be aware of the various types of wood fencing that are offered before you contact your neighborhood. Wooden privacy fencing, conventional fencing, and fencing for your entire property are all options.

Which material is the best option for your needs and those of your house? With our advice, we can assist you in figuring out the response to this query. For all the information about wooden fencing you’ve been looking for, keep reading!

Fences for Residential Privacy

You are probably searching for privacy fencing if you care more about function than appearance. A privacy wood fence for your backyard may keep your house safe and guarantee that your pets and young children don’t wander off.

Yet, wooden fencing may make or destroy the exterior appeal of your house. Your fencing should blend in with the aesthetic of your house as a whole. That is where ornamental wooden fence designs might help.

Traditional privacy fencing as well as more ornamental designs are available at Sparta Fence Inc. Here are the best types of residential wooden privacy fences.

Styles of Vertical Board Fencing

About as simple and useful as it gets is vertical board fencing. There are no decorative fence patterns in them. Instead, these fences are made of closely spaced, vertical slats that don’t have any gaps for airflow.

As you might expect, the absence of gaps and the lightweight nature of these slats make vertical board fencing susceptible to toppling over in strong winds. Yet, if you want a relatively inexpensive privacy fencing option that also helps to reduce noise, this might be your best choice.

You can get a vertical board fence that is anything from a few feet to over six feet tall, depending on your needs. Vertical boards, however, block off light like louver fencing, which can make tiny yards appear even smaller.

Vertical board fencing and solid panel fencing are practically identical. The distinction is that solid hardwood planks, not lighter, more cost-effective slats, are used to construct these kinds of fences.

Moreover, these privacy fences frequently have extras like extra posts or top-mounted latticework. Air and light flow can be improved in this way, which solid panel fencing can significantly hinder.

Solid panels can easily be blown over during the windy season, just like vertical board fencing. These might have a nicer aesthetic than vertical board fencing. But the reason for this is that solid panels are far more expensive than board slats.

Picket Fencing for Privacy

For suburban homes, a white picket fence is a traditional ideal. These fences are no more than four feet tall and have spaces between each picket. For a traditional appearance, they frequently have garden gates and ornate finishes.

These barriers are beneficial for windy places, practically speaking. There is no concern about collapse because the wind easily passes through the spaces between each pillar.

Moreover, picket fencing does not need to be white. These can be painted in whatever color you like. Although far less expensive than privacy fencing, residential fencing won’t prevent large dogs and older children from escaping the yard.

Dog-eared privacy fencing is an option if you desire a picket fencing for privacy. Vertical pickets are arranged side by side. For maximum seclusion and beauty, the pickets are joined by three horizontal slats.

Lattice-Top Fencing for Privacy

For the garden, lattice fencing is a popular choice. Lattice fencing has wooden slats that zigzag and are frequently of various thicknesses. This choice appeals to those with green fingers because you can teach plants to climb the lattices.

The spaces between the lattices, like picket fencing, are helpful for letting wind through. They can also enlarge the appearance of small yards. The lattice structure allows light to penetrate through, which can make any place appear larger.

These fences can be constructed tall to hold both children and dogs. If you want the best of all worlds, you can even combine vertical board privacy fencing with lattice-style woodwork.

Horizontal Board Fencing

These fences have wooden slats or boards that are horizontal. The slats now go side to side rather than top to bottom. In contrast, the majority of composite fences include horizontal wood slats.

But what is composite wood exactly? A type of artificial wood known as composite is constructed of plastic and sawdust. Real wood or commercial metal posts can be used in conjunction with composites by homeowners.

The strength, paintability, and ease of maintenance of composite wood are its advantages. But, a composite fence is probably not the best option if you want the appearance of real wood.

You might be surprised to learn that composites are more expensive than actual wood, so if you are on a tight budget for a wood fencing, this is not the ideal choice. Nonetheless, this fence is the best option for you if you want a privacy fence that will last for at least 20 years.

Wood Fencing with a Vertical and Horizontal Combination

You can get fencing with both vertical and horizontal slats in addition to dog-eared privacy picket fencing and lattice top fencing.

For instance, board-on-board wood fences have vertical slats that are closely spaced apart. The slats are held together by three horizontal connectors.

These fences resemble shadow box wood fence designs very much. This design has a classic board-on-board structure on one side of the fence. The distinction is that the fencing’s rear side has slats with gaps to simulate shadows.

Elegant Privacy Fencing

Not every privacy fence must have a practical appearance. For your backyard, Sparta Fence Company additionally offers ornamental wooden fencing options.

Wood fencing with concave and convex tops is made of straightforward vertical board construction. The tops of these fences are what make them special. You can have them curved in either an n-shape or a concave u-shape (convex).

Cap and trim fencing is the most aesthetically pleasing type of privacy fence. Wood fences with a cap and trim have vertical boards joined by a border of horizontal slats.

Ornamental posts are often found on cap and trim fences. To complement a more classic design home, homeowners frequently add ornate caps on these posts.

Fencing for Farms & Ranches

The usage of fencing on farms and ranches was mentioned in some of the earliest recorded references to them. Even though times have changed, the need for fences to keep cattle on your property and pests off has not.

Do you need fencing for your ranch or farm? We have the following alternatives to suit your needs.

The Rail and Post Fencing

Maybe the oldest type of fencing available is post and rail. Round or slatted posts that have been driven into the ground and secured there with concrete are used in this style of fencing. Then, horizontal slats link one post to the following.

Post-and-rail fencing frequently has three or four rails. For strength and privacy, rails can be set closely together. However, for a more rustic appearance, you can have your fencing made with rails that are spaced farther apart.

Children, pets, and small livestock should not be contained by these fences. For horse ranches, cow farms, and other rural properties with larger animals, post-and-rail fencing works well.

The Crossbuck Fencing

For farms, ranches, and other big estates, Crossbuck fencing is a high-end solution. They resemble post-and-rail fencing almost exactly. The main distinction is the X-shaped crossing of the middle two slats.

The posts are typically closer together, which is one of the other characteristics. Four slats are used in all crossbuck fences: two horizontal ones at the top and bottom, and two diagonal ones to form the distinctive cross.

The price of this kind of fencing is comparable to that of post-and-rail fencing. Due to the additional labor required to guarantee that the posts are precisely aligned to fit the longer X-shaped slats, you might spend a little bit more.

Want One of These Wood Fencing Designs for Your Property in California?

There are numerous types of wood fencing available. Select from ranch and farm fencing, ornamental fences, and privacy fencing. You can also work with Sparta Fence Company in Fullerton, California to create a one-of-a-kind fencing solution for your house.

Are you trying to choose the best wooden fence for your home or backyard? For a good reason, Sparta Fence Company is the top fencing provider in California. Find out the cost of your ideal fence using our online instant quote tool!

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